Why businesses are shifting to Enterprise Application Integration?

Businesses have now modified themselves on the basis of technological advancement. Gone are those days when all the businesses used to work on pen and papers, thanks to the era of technological innovation that gave birth to software systems. Although there were many changes brought by technological innovation but the introduction of software systems acted as a revolution among businesses. Nowadays, businesses have become so used to software solutions that not even a single business can imagine working a single day without the new-gen applications.

But with the increasing number of software solutions, managing data flow and communication across different channels has become quite a tough task for businesses. As the businesses are growing, the number of software solutions is also increasing and that is creating a problem for most of the business. This is where Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) becomes helpful.

EAI is basically the task of bringing the database and workflows associated with different software systems in one place. This makes sure that the business is using information consistently and the modifications made in the core business data by one software system are reflected in other systems as well. In order to adopt EAI, a business needs to choose the best EAI tool. There are numerous EAI tools available in the market and each business needs to choose the best EAI tool on the basis of its unique requirement and need.

In this blog post, we will dive into some of the most advanced benefits of moving to Enterprise Application Integration and understand why so many businesses are adopting it.

Workflow automation

Automation in every part of the business has become very necessary as along with giving a competitive advantage to the business, it also allows to reduce of the time spent and resources utilized. This is what businesses are achieving through EAI. The EAI tool brings the workflow of all the systems together and that’s how businesses are able to automate their workflow. For example, a business can use CRM customer data for starting an email starting a campaign and then make reports to analyze its efficiency. By using the EAI platform, firms are able to improve the overall business process and enhance the transparency of financial flow as well.

Reduced cost and investment

You might be dumbfounded to know that you can actually reduce the cost in the long run and minimize the investment through EAI. If a company is using the traditional method of managing software systems then it will have to completely remove the former one in order to use the new software solution. But that is not the case with reduced EAI solution. If a company is using EAI solution then it can as it offers the integration of old and new software and thus the business doesn’t need to delete the former one. This minimizes the overall investment of the business.

In addition to this, the overall integration of business applications makes it possible for the business to introduce new services and products that can be implemented both internally and externally.

Reduced time and effort

Due to the integration of different software systems achieved by EAI, businesses are able to bring all the vital information at a single place. Due to the concentration of business information, employees are able to put less time and effort into a task and still get the same result. By using, businesses can significantly reduce the time taken by larger task as access to information becomes very easy for the employees.

Instead of wasting time searching for information across different software systems and then filtering down the available result, everything is available at a single point. This way, a business works optimally and unnecessary tasks are cut out. Most of the companies have been able to reduce both time and effort by adopting EAI and have achieved greater efficiency.

Single User Interface

Another major advantage of using the EAI is that you get a single user interface that brings down the learning curve. Most of the employees find it very irritating or time taking process to learn a completely new technology. But you just can’t stop introducing new technology because your employees are feeling comfortable. So, the best way to introduce new technology without making the employees uncomfortable is to introduce EAI in your organization.

You should know that EAI brings a single user interface for the entire workflow and provides simple and easy access to the database. This makes sure that you are able to bring new technology to your organization without any resistance.

So, instead of putting the adoption of EAI into the pending list and facing hassle while dealing with a different software solution, you should immediately take action and introduce EAI in your organization.

The author of Tektost has years of industry experience in writing and creating tech blogs for various online communities. As a tech enthusiast, the author keeps herself updated about tech innovation and converts them into her writing.

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