What’s In the Trend with WhatsApp Pitches?

trend whatsapp pitches

Gone were those time when everyone approach with elevator pitch. For how could one combine their entire business concept and pitch it to the investor? Well, there are short messaging platform. You just draw a few seconds of attention of an investor in order to put forward your business concept.

Welcome to the latest trend of pitching over WhatsApp. You meet an investor and he/she might tell you to send a WhatsApp note about your company and this could take conversation about investments to the next level.

While you get the chance to have a meeting with the investor, your effective pitch is now that short and crisp WhatsApp note that you have to send across. Here are the tips that describe how to create a crisp and concise winning pitch for WhatsApp conversation.

Short and Simple Text

Today, everyone is on WhatsApp. It has emerged as one of the most favorite message app for improving business prospects. We communicate through WhatsApp, so a message on the platform could be a starting point to a conversation on investments.

It is essential to keep text length to a minimum else there are possibilities of going off the track which can lead to a great loss. Considering that VC’s time is precious and he/she could be receiving numbers of business pitches every day, keeping it short and simple is the ultimate key to success here.

Share Your Achievement

The message, although short, has to be all inclusive of your achievements. One can even speak about their achievements, while keeping it simple and honest. Make it a point that the sentences are not too complicated with elaborate words. One thing you should make sure the concept of your business is well represented in the message.


For any investor the facts and objectives of your business hold undue importance. After all, for an investor the numbers speaks out most. One should bring up the numbers in the beginning where the investor observes the scope of the business. The other thing important here is to understand the demand of the market.

Here is what exactly the images and videos come your retrieval. With the help of images or videos, you can share many long and elaborate information in a concise manner. WhatsApp pitches also enable us to send short videos or screenshots of the technology which does impress and interest numerous people.

So create your short, simple and crispy pitches and then create a few versions of each. Get ready to be there and practice on anyone and everyone. The more comfortable you feel to give the better they will get, the more you can be creative on your approach, when it matters the most.

WhatsApp has become one of the most convenient ways of communicating. It lets you communicate with through text and rich media links like- pics and emoticons. To pitch your investor you can use this messaging app for better communication.

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