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Today, most of the phone users spent their majority of the time on apps. It is a business of great opportunity and fruitful outcomes. So, if you are an app developer, then it is time that you place the right foot from the very beginning. By optimizing your app, you get to make your app more visible in the app store.

What is ASO?

App Search Optimization or also known as ASO refers to the process of enhancing the rank and visibility of an app in the app store. The better your app rank is on the search page, the better will be its visibility among the audience.

ASO is somehow similar to Search engine optimization (SEO) that is performed for improving the visibility of websites, whereas app search optimization is performed for improving the visibility of mobile apps in different app store such as iOS, Google Play Store, Windows Store, and BlackBerry World.

Importance of ASO

After understanding the concept of ASO, the further step is to understand why it is important? According to a report, 50% of the Smartphone user search for apps at least once a week and around 63% of the apps are found through the search made on app stores. So, you can understand the importance of higher rankings of apps.

If your app is not optimized, then the chance of your app showing in the relevant searches will be very low. And this way you will end up losing hundreds, or even thousands of potential customers. A regular time and effort in the improvement of your app’s ranking will provide you with several benefits in the long run.

Benefits of ASO

ASO provides several benefits now let us discuss some of them:

  • Increase in installs: One of the greatest benefits of ASO is that it will help in increasing your organic installs and will cost you nothing. By implying ASO in a well-planned way will give your app higher ranking, better visibility, and will even keep your acquisition cost to the minimum.
  • Place your app in front of relevant users: Keywords play a very key role in the visibility of your app in the relevant searches. There is no point in making your app visible to those who are not looking for it; this is where ASO can be very helpful.  Optimizing your app will make sure it is visible on the right page and reach the right users.
  • Generate more revenue: By making your app more visible, you are sure to get more downloads for your app. this way you will be generating more revenues, also you can monetize your app in various ways such as including ads, subscriptions, in-app-purchases and many more.
  • Credibility: Earning the trust of the customers is one of the biggest challenges that every business see. In this ASO can be extremely beneficial as it helps to build credibility among the customers and connect the brand with the audience. So, if you want to be on top of the search page, then you will have to earn the trust of the people.

Remember that ASO is not an overnight success; it takes time as every good thing takes. So, you will have to put efforts and give utter dedication to see visible results.

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