Top AI applications being used in the modern era

Top AI applications being used in the modern era

When we talk about technology then there are many technological innovations that must be popping up in your mind. Gone are those days when only computers were the most advanced technological innovation for the human race. We are living in an era where technological solutions are being used on a very large scale and because of this, the speed of technological evolution has got boosted up. The most advanced technological solution that you are using currently might become outdated in just a couple of years. Yes, technological evolution is happening at a very fast pace. This is one of the main reasons why most of the businesses out there are making changes to their operation on a regular basis so that they can stay updated according to the latest trend.

There are many different types of technological solutions that are being used in the modern era by different types of firms and you should know that if you want to stay relevant in the industry then you will also need to join the race of becoming the most technologically advanced firm. If your firm will be technologically advanced then you will gain a competitive edge in the market and this will allow you to win the tough race of competition without much hass­le. Although there are many technological solutions out there that have completely changed how businesses used to function, the one technological solution that sounds the most promising is obviously Artificial Intelligence.

Well, if someone would have asked you about AI a decade ago then you would have said that it is only a part of the Hollywood movie scripts but you should know that with time, this idea has been converted into a reality. Even in the modern era, if you will ask a non-technical person about AI then his thoughts will only be limited to robots that will interact and move like humans. But you should know that AI is not only about creating robots although it is a part of it. There are many different types of AI applications being used in the modern era and we are going to discuss some of them in this blog post.


One of the best examples of AI being used in the modern era can be seen in chatbots. Whenever you visit a good website then you must be getting a pop up at the bottom left corner of the website with the caption ‘How can I help you?’ You will receive this in a chat format and you can actually get some of the most common questions answered through this chatbot.

Well, there is no person sitting behind a desk, answering your questions, rather it is all based on AI. Yes, a large set of questions is fed in the AI and by analyzing these questions through the help of big data, the chatbot is able to give exact answers to all the common questions being asked to them. Most of the companies are moving forward with chatbots as they are proving to be good at handling questions.

Human resource management

Both AI and machine learning are going to change the HR functions drastically and this is why if you are in the HR department then you will need to get prepared for these changes. With the help of AI and machine learning, all the repetitive tasks of the HR department will be automated and this is why the HR professionals will be able to focus on those areas of HR which actually requires human interaction.

For example, earlier, all the resumes submitted by the candidates were actually screened by HR professionals and this consumed a lot of time which later made the recruitment process ineffective. But with the introduction of AI and machine learning-based software solutions, now the HR professionals have completely automated the resume screening process. This has been made possible because there are set standards that a company always look for in resumes.


Millions of dollars are being deployed on the digital platform for stopping cybercrimes and even rules and regulations are being changed on a very big level to limit the online criminals but still, every year, the number of cyberattacks are increasing at a very fast pace and this is where AI can prove to be helpful for each and every business out there that is struggling with its cybersecurity measures.

You can surely say that currently, AI in the world of cybersecurity is still in its infant stage but soon, we will see AI making big changes to cybersecurity while making it more effective and highly secure. With the help of AI, companies out there are able to detect a wide array of vulnerabilities in different types of business applications and financial systems.

This is just a glimpse of how AI is being used in the modern era and by now, you must have understood that AI is not only about robots and making robots interact like humans. AI is proving to be a magic wand for most of the businesses out there and it will continue to grow and evolve in the future. In a couple of years, we will witness AI becoming one of the most revolutionary technologies ever introduced to the human race by the human race and for the human race.

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