TESLA is looking forward to join hand with an AI startup

Tesla- Self Driving Car

In the year 2016, Elon Musk made an announcement of introducing a Tesla vehicle which will be equipped with company’s autopilot feature and it will drive itself from California to New York. The completion time of the project was announced to be before 2018.

At that time, Musk  said “I feel pretty good about this goal. Our goal is, we’ll be able to do a demonstration guide of full autonomy all the way from LA to New York. So basically from home in LA to Times Square in New York. And then the car will go park itself”

2017 came and gone and as like the most of the predictions, Musk’s promise to bring the autopilot vehicle was left unfulfilled.

But the failure of the first promise of autopilot vehicles doesn’t mean that the company has stopped their step towards the self-driving technology and the biggest proof of this came recently when Musk visited Israel to meet an AI startup.

The Israel based AI startup known as Cortica is specialized in the use of AI for autonomous cars. So, after knowing the specialization of the Israel based startup, it has become very much clear that Musk visited Israel for making improvements in his technology of introducing autonomous cars.

According to an individual who is quite familiar with the matter, the objective of Musk visit was to test the feasibility of incorporating Coritca’s technology into Tesla vehicles.

As stated on the website of Cortica

“Cortica’s revolutionary automotive visual intelligence platform is built on the foundation of a mature, patented, self-learning technology. The robust signature based representation and bottom-up, fine-grain, unsupervised learning capabilities enable a more detailed, comprehensive and precise interpretation of the car’s surroundings. The lightweight and efficient computational framework fortfies autonomous vehicles with the power of Autonomous AI. Cortica’s AI operates at the core of four product lines addressing the intricacies and complexities of driving with vehicles that are entirely autonomous”

Although there is no official statement made by Musk regarding his visit to the Israeli statup but if the sources are true then this can bring a new revolution in the world of autonomous car as this technology has huge potential in the future and it will prove to be very effective and efficient for people all over the world. In addition to this, the autonomous car will decrease the number of accidents as well which will be one of the biggest advantages of using the technology.

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