Reasons Why You Should Not Choose a Free Webhosting Service

disadvantage of free webhosting

Getting anything for free does not always mean that it’s good. In the world of internet, there are numerous things and services that are based on the freemium model, so we all are used to this habit of getting everything for free.

The “free” option can be very tempting for the new business owners, who are thinking to get a new website for them. Everyone wants to save cash, but as a beginner, it is important that you don’t compromise on various things and especially not with your online presence. The free thing you will receive may trouble you in the future and will put you in regret.

It’s far better to choose a good, affordable, and a premium host provider rather than going for the free one. At the end of the day, the premium service will save you from headaches and money in the long run. Below are some of the reasons that why you should not choose a free web hosting service:

Poor Customer service

When it comes to web hosting, then customer service is of paramount importance. During the situation when your website does not work or goes offline, you may decide to take help from the host provider. But in most of the cases, the free web hosts have a poor customer service. You may even email them and tell about your problem, but it could take days before you get any response. In the meanwhile, your website will be completely offline.


One of the biggest problems that you will face by using a free web host service is overabundance of ads. Basically, when you use a free web hosting service, the web host will place advertisements on your website.  Your website will be stuffed with banners and pop-up ads and you will have no control over these ads that will show up on your website.

Slow in speed

Generally, the free web hosts offer slower download and upload speed than the paid ones. Well, this is something that you cannot ignore. According to the announcement of Google, speed plays a major role in a better ranking signal, thus signifying that fast loading websites are likely to place higher in the search results. While using a free web host service, you cannot expect good uploading speed and there is a poor chance that visitors will stay on the page for that long.

Security Issues

Free web hosts offer very negligible or no security. As a matter of fact, the website you will get from free web hosts will be vulnerable to getting hacked. So as a business owner, it is your utmost responsibility to invest wisely and protect your website from the hackers and other threats. There are numerous web hosting providers who can offer you with optimum security, but you will have to pay a normal amount to enjoy the benefits.

Limited Storage

Another great problem with free web hosting service is that they provide limited storage access. In the free model, you will be offered only 1GB or around it. So to have the bigger piece of cake, you will have to pay for that. A 2 minute full HD video is enough to consume 1GB, and even you don’t plan to upload any videos, the texts, files, and photos can take around 1GB easily.

No control of the server

Generally, a paid web host service will guarantee you with up to 99.9% uptime, but this is not in the case of free web host service. The server of the free ones goes offline or stop working very often, due to which you will face a lot of difficulty in connecting with your customers.

Limited Features

Storage limitation is not the only issue that you will get in free web hosting services. There are many other features that are limited. A paid web host will offer you all kinds of features such as a backend control panel, one-click installation, database management, email setup, traffic analyzer and many more. Unfortunately, you won’t get all these features on a free web host service.

Automatic backups are not available

Almost every paid web host provider offers automatic backups. They will provide a backup for all your HTML files and any associated databases; thus protecting you from any future disaster. Unfortunately, this is something that you will not be offered in free web host service. You will have to create a manual backup all by yourself.

If you are planning to grow your business online presence, then you should not compromise when it comes to creating a website. By spending a good amount of money on a paid web host service, you will be assured that the product will be of superior quality.

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