The Pros And Cons Of Using PHP For Web Development

Php for web development

Developing a readable, attractive and user-friendly website is what every online business desires to do. Today, various developers choose PHP as their programming language in order to develop a website. It is considered as one of the prominent platforms of coding language. One great thing about the PHP language is that it’s developed with inbuilt web development features. Be it an eCommerce site or a web portal, PHP runs efficiently on all types of platform and work well with databases and images.

PHP can be used on every type of operating system and is known for its flexibility. However, some developers find it useful while some find it a bit complex. Many developers believe that PHP is not as fast as other coding languages. So, now let us a have a look at some of the most pros and cons of using PHP for web development:


  1. PHP is quite simple to learn: One of the biggest benefits of using PHP is that it is quite easy to learn and use. A single task can be done in almost 30 ways by using PHP and is installed on a large number of servers.
  2. PHP is easy to control: Where most of the coding languages require long lines of codes, PHP can accomplish the same task with the help of few codes. This provides maximum control to the users. Another great thing about PHP is that in case you want to make some changes, you can edit it without much inconvenience.
  3. PHP is highly Secure: PHP is considered to be one of the best coding platforms in terms of security. It provides a highly functional layer that protects the users from any kind of malware or threat.
  4. PHP is compatible with all servers: Be it Apache or Microsoft IIS; PHP supports all the major web servers. This is one of the biggest reasons why many developers prefer it for web development. PHP also supports Netscape and many others personal web servers.


  1. PHP doesn’t work well with large applications: One of the biggest problems with PHP is that running huge applications with it is somewhat very difficult. As the programming language of PHP is not highly modular, therefore the large applications created by using the programming language of PHP are not easy to maintain.
  2. PHP is quite weak in terms of conversion: Implicit conversion is something that may be problematic for unwary programmers. Well, this can lead to unexpected bugs, misperception between hash tables and arrays. The conversion is quite slow and it could be done faster. There are ways that can be implemented to accomplish this goal. It is not strongly typed. It is interpreted and uses curly bases.
  3. PHP’s error handling method is poor: The framework available in PHP is poor when it comes to error handling method. It is not the ideal solution for the web developers. Therefore, for a smoother and less-hectic web development project, you might want to choose other options.
  4. PHP does not support a large number of Apps: Well, the technology of PHP does not support a large number of apps. It is very difficult to manage it when using a bunch of apps as it is not completely modular. It already emulates some features of the Java coding language.

Well. This was the list of pros and cons of using PHP for web development. So, if you are planning to develop a website and thinking of choosing PHP, then it’s better to do a proper research about it before selecting it.

Anna Wilson is a technical content writer at Cloudwalks Hosting Inc, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company. She loves spending time exploring the world of accounting software, technology, and cloud while contributing to top-notch accounting and cloud websites through her expertise and knowledge.

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