Now Google Assistant can make calls and book appointments for you

Now Google Assistant can make calls and book appointments for you

At the I/O 2018, the CEO of Google, Sundar Picahi demonstrated a mind-blowing capability of Google Assistant making calls and booking appointments for you. Yeah, you read it right. Just ask Google Assistant to book a restaurant appointment for you and it will make the call on behalf of you to the restaurant.

The surprising demonstration involved Google Assistant making a call to a salon for booking a haircut appointment. Now, you must be thinking that the AI must have sounded like a robot, but that’s where the most surprising element comes in. The voice which booked the appointment sounded just like a human with the sounds of pause like ‘hmm’ and the other person at the receiving end was not even able to recognize whether it is an AI on the other side or an actual human.

The demonstration made the crowd surprised and it is one of the greatest technological achievements of Google as no any other company working on AI has been able to develop its technology for making an AI-based call which will sound like a human.

This ability to make a call has been developed so accurately by Google that it can actually understand the nuisances of the conversation and can give you 100% perfect result. During the demonstration, Mr. Sundar Picahi said that they have been working on this technology for many years. He also said that this new technology is known as Google Duplex. There has been a lot of investment made in this technology to make Google Assistant understand different languages, deep learning, text to speech, etc.

After booking the appointment, the Google Assistant will also give you a confirmation saying that your appointment has been booked with the details of the appointment.

There was another demonstration of the same Duplex technology, but this time the call doesn’t go as expected and still the advance Duplex technology built by Google is able to understand and handle the situation like a real human.

But you should know that Google is considering the Duplex as an experiment and it is not sure that whether it will be available for all, or whether it will even be available or not. Currently, the Duplex can help you in only three cases, making reservation at restaurants, scheduling haircuts, and asking businesses for their holiday hours. It has been said that it will be available to only limited and unknown number of users till this summer.

But with the introduction of this technology, many questions have also aroused like whether Google Assistant should notify to the people with whom it talks that they are actually communicating with an AI technology or just let the person think that he actually talked to a real human?

Well, keeping such questions aside, if things go well and the technology becomes available for everyone, then you might be making calls for making all your appointments and bookings without even speaking a word with the hotel, salon or restaurant personnel.

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