How to increase your visibility on LinkedIn?

How to increase your visibility on LinkedIn?

Since its inception, LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking, hiring employees who post their CV and creating profiles to post for job vacancies. In 2016 it was sold to Microsoft. Almost every country uses this platform and every grad student makes a LinkedIn profile to get his career started. In May 2020 LinkedIn had a whopping 706 million registered members across 150 countries. It’s way ahead of any other platform which serves the same purpose. 

In this blog, we will tell you ways to augment your profile, so that you are selected as soon as the recruiter sees your LinkedIn profile. 

Why Edit your LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn account has a profile that has two kinds of visibility : 

Firstly a  profile that any LinkedIn users can access, and the other is a public profile. The difference is just that, the public profile can be seen by anyone. He or she just needs to search for the field you are an expert in and your name will pop up on the list. 

We have to boost the visibility and reachability of your public profile.

Follow these methods so that you get maximum views on the LinkedIn app and site.

Method 1: Change your public profile settings 

It’s crucial that any non-LinkedIn user can also view your profile. To enable this feature to follow these instructions 

  • To access your public profile settings, click your profile image and select the Privacy & Settings option.
  • Then you have to click Edit Your Public Profile.
  • Click Edit Your Public Profile to see what elements are depicted on your public profile.

The right side of the page reveals a list of elements that are exhibited on your private profile. You can select which elements to show on your public profile.

You can either make everything public. But certain things like house addresses are advised not to be disclosed. Nevertheless, check that you have enabled the option that permits anyone to discover your public profile.

Things that you should definitely make public

  • Any previous experience of working at any organization
  • Certifications, awards, internships
  • Name, age, year of graduation, name of university etc. 
  • Contact details like emails. 

Also, make sure the LinkedIn about section is maintained well and is appealing to read. You can’t add any graphics or media to make it look elegant. So make sure you have used correct grammar and punctuation in the description. 

Method 2: Maintain Your Profile With the latest details.

To check that you have everything updated, you should look from the perspective of a person visiting your profile. 

Search your name on Google and click on your LinkedIn public profile. This is the version seen by everyone else apart from you. You have to assess how you can make it more alluring. You have to nitpick every possible information that’s not provided in your profile.  Make sure that you add all the pertinent information so that there is no more room for improvement. 

Always keep updating your profile. It’s necessary that all of your skills and talents are summarized, your profile bio reflects what you’re doing and everything is up to date. For example, if you have changed your email, update your contact information with the new on.

Methods 3: Use of Keywords

It’s vital that you include your profile with keywords.  It will surely boost the exposure your profile is receiving. 

You can use the tool provided with LinkedIn’s search feature to generate a catalog of keywords that are related to you and your job. For example, you can include “content” if you are a writer. You can also use a third-party mobile app like the Keyword tool app.

Look for your profile when you search those keywords on the internet. Assess the impact of including keywords to detect if your profile has come up on the list. 

You can also look at other people’s profiles from your area of expertise to get a more accurate keyword list.  

If you visit a user’s profile, the keyword you scanned is shown in yellow color in his or her profile.

You can then edit those keywords into your profile. Add keywords not just in your summary, but also in job descriptions or captions. Keywords aid people to recognize your expertise and discover you effortlessly. 

Method4: Customize Your Public Profile URL

When you are done with all the editing and addition of keywords, you can edit your public profile URL.

This is an SEO process. URL improves your profile hierarchy in search engines. With an edited URL, your profile will be ranked much higher in Google results. This will guarantee that people refer to your profile first and this will increase your chances of getting selected.

Method 5: Pay attention to the traffic of Your Public Profile

Your absolute objective is to make communion with others on LinkedIn. Ensure that when people check   Full Profile on your public page, they have come across even more details about you. 

You must be wondering what can be that information. 

Which information is hidden from public profile viewers?

These are public recommendations. 

Public viewers are allowed to know the number of recommendations you have, but they are not aware of what’s written in it and who wrote them. A high number of recommendations will surely provoke the visitor to open your profile. Implore others to give recommendations for you and in turn, you can give them too. 

Method 6: Use the premium services provided by LinkedIn.

You can use the LinkedIn premium feature for free for a month. If you find that more recruiters are approaching and contacting, you can use it for an extended period. LinkedIn states that this can help those who want rapid growth in their career. So you can give it a try.

We are sure that these methods will broaden your chances of landing a job.  So what are you waiting for? Modify and enhance the outlook of your profile now.  Remember professional networking will always benefit you in one or the other way.  

The author of Tektost has years of industry experience in writing and creating tech blogs for various online communities. As a tech enthusiast, the author keeps herself updated about tech innovation and converts them into her writing.

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