How to create messenger rooms via whatsapp mobile app, desktop app or web?

How to create messenger rooms via whatsapp mobile app, desktop app or web?

Communication has always been an important part of human interaction and it has developed a lot since the evolution of humans. Now, we are totally dependent on the digital era in order to communicate with each other and it is proving to be very effective against each and every other option. In the modern era, one can easily communicate with any person on the planet through the digital platform and this is how the digital platform has completely transformed the way we used to communicate with each other.

You should know that there are now many options out there that can be used by you in order to send a message. Gone are those days when SMS was the only way to send a message through a mobile or a desktop as now we are living in the age of apps. There are many apps out there that are being used to send messages and this platform is being used for running a business as well. But when it comes to the best messenger platform, then no one can forget WhatsApp.

You should know that now having WhatsApp in your mobile has become as important as having an OS. Without WhatsApp, there is no gigantic and simple medium that will allow you to send messages in the most effective way possible. You must have heard that Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and that was one of the best business moves since Facebook knew that WhatsApp is going to become a synonym for sending messages and that is what is happening now.

There are many different features that make WhatsApp one of the best messaging platforms, but in this blog post, we are going to talk about how you can create messenger rooms through WhatsApp mobile app, desktop app, or web.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow in order to do the above-mentioned thing in your WhatsApp mobile app, desktop app, or even through the web because all of them have the same UI.

  • You will need to begin this process by first opening an individual chat and the same applies to all the mediums that you use in order to send messages through Whatsapp. Then you will simply need to tap on the attachment icon that will be located in the top right corner.
  • Then you will need to move to the Rooms option that will come after tapping on the attachment option. After clicking on the Room option, you will have to click on Continue in Messenger.
  • You should know that now you will get an option to send the invite link to your contacts. The friend to whom you will be sending the request by simply tapping on the link, regardless of the type of device being used to access Whatsapp.
  • If you are looking forward to creating a group call then you will have to simply tap on the audio call option on the top right and then you will need to create room. But you should know that this feature will only be available if you will have more than 5 or at least 5 members in the group. If you will not have 5 members then you will not get the option for video chat.
  • You should also know that the host of the room can tap on the group’s activity without any hassle.

The new feature or we can say the new ability of Whatsapp for creating a room is one of the best introductions by Whatsapp since it allows people to spend time with family, friends, and all other people with whom you share your interest. You should know that if you are looking forward to creating a much larger group then you can also do that but for that, you will have to download the messenger app or you can open the messenger website in a web browser or mobile.

Creating a messenger in Whatsapp is not that difficult and this is why you can give it a try. Just follow the steps mentioned in this blog post and make Whatsapp more useful to you.

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