Google Search Consoles: Reasons Why It Is So Important


If you are in the field of SEO, then you must have heard about Google Search consoles. Well, if you are new in the SEO world and still haven’t heard about it, then don’t worry as you will learn everything about it today from this content.

Basically, Google Search Consoles are a set of tools and resources that is used by various web owners and SEO professionals to check the performance of their website. It provides useful insights such as search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, crawl data and other additional useful information. Earlier, Google search console was referred by the name Google webmaster central and then it was also termed as Google webmasters tools and finally it got its current name in 2018.

It is important for you to know that Google takes hundreds of factors into consideration while indexing a particular page. Therefore, if you really want to improve the ranking of your webpage in the SERPs (Search engine result pages), then you need to understand how Google observes a web page before ranking it.  This is where Google Search consoles come into play. It can help you understand the areas of your web page that you need to optimize to get a higher ranking.

In this article, we have mentioned the effective ways how you can use Google search consoles. So let us get started.

Sitemap Submission

Well, the crawlers used by Google are highly advanced and they can learn everything about a particular web page on their own. However, you can give them an additional support in getting all the useful information that they want via sitemap submission to Google.

Know about the keywords people use to reach you

Another major help that Google search console can provide you is the keywords that people mostly use to reach your websites. Well, this can be really helpful in terms of SEO as you will be able to determine the keywords that you need to give priority from next time while performing optimization for your pages.

Identify your most popular pages

 Well, a website is a collection of various pages and some of them will get high traffic and some will probably not that high. This is quite simple to comprehend but can you know which pages are getting the most amount of traffic. Well, this can be done with the help of Google search engines as it allows its users to see which of their web page is drawing the most number of people towards your website.

Learn about the location of your visitors

One very good feature of Google search console is that it allows the users to know from what geographic location their visitors are coming towards their website. This can be extremely helpful while performing local SEO for your web pages as it will let you know whether you are reaching the right people.

See the number of backlinks

Undoubtedly, Backlinks are one of the most important factors that Google takes into consideration while ranking the pages. Every time any well reputed website links to yours, the credibility of your website increases exponentially in the eyes of Google. Therefore, it is important for you to know how many backlinks your websites have. This is where you can use Google search consoles as it can show the list of all the websites that are linked to yours.

Wrapping it up, these were some of the best things that you can perform in Google search console. However, there are plenty of still more and mentioning all of them in one article would not be possible

Nicolina Martin is a technical content writer at MyQbHost, a QuickBooks hosting company. Her writing showcases the trending cloud accounting technology along with advice, info, and tips on the same topic, which helps SMEs and accounting professionals to stay updated.
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