The AI technologies transforming the health care

AI Health Care Starup

AI is one of the most revolutionary technologies that has been developed by humankind. The very advanced Artificial Intelligence technology has transformed many sectors and it has now become a part of our day to day life. Virtual Personal Assistants like Siri, Google Now, and Cortona are the best examples the use of AI in our day to day life. Other than this, video games, fraud detection, online customer support are some examples of AI implementation.

But these are just very nominal uses of AI as it has been implemented and used to revolutionize many sectors and one such sector which is being greatly affected and transformed by AI is health care.

So, let’s have a quick look at few of the AI advancements that are transforming the healthcare industry.

Online Diagnosis

You must have gone through the hassle of booking appointments with doctors and then still waiting for your number to come. Even after waiting for more than half an hour, you only get 5-10 minutes of consultancy from the doctor which doesn’t satisfy you. AI can help you solve such problems as a new startup which is known as Your.MD, is using AI to minimize the doctor visits and hours of frustration. They use a mix of chat bots, probability models and machine learning to analyze the condition of the users and then advise them on whether they need to go to a clinic or not.

Medical Imaging

The best part of machine learning program is that they can process numerous amount of information in a very short period. Moreover, they can also be very accurate in detecting the smallest details in medical imaging reports like CT scans.

A new platform Profound uses algorithm-based analysis of all types of medical imaging reports to find the smallest sign of potential conditions like breast cancer, osteoporosis, etc. This platform has been developed by the company Zebra Medical Vision and with the help of deep learning, this platform can also detect symptoms of other diseases.

Personalized Medical Assistance

This AI technology can come in handy for people who trouble remembering to follow their doctor’s treatment plan. This AI technology is like Siri, Cortona and other Virtual Personal Assistants which will be built into many devices. The advanced AI personal healthcare assistant will help the patients to be on the track. The health apps with reminders and advices will be available round the clock for the patients. Through these apps, patients will be able to keep a regular check on their health, be informed about their condition and know what they need to do next, in order to be healthy or quickly recover from a disease.

Other than this, there are many AI developments like the Drug Research, Risk Prediction, Telehealth advancement, which are proving to be a boon for the healthcare sector and soon we will be seeing their broad implementation on a global level.

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