How Is AI Contributing To Cloud Computing?

benefits of AI in cloud computing

If you are a tech geek then you must be aware of the fact that cloud computing is transforming our lives in various ways. It is not only acting as a safe storage location, but it is also making our lives better through its other implementations.

From small businesses to giant players of the industry, the cloud computing is being accepted like the most fruitful technological innovation. But still, for many businesses, the cloud computing is a very new technology and they think that they need to wait so that they can see how this fruitful technology has evolved.

The artificial intelligence and machine learning has brought several changes in the cloud computing technology and we need to consider these changes in order to make the most of the cloud computing technology which is still evolving and shaping itself into the most perfect form.

But the most debatable topic these days is how the Artificial intelligence will evolve the cloud computing technology? Will this pace of evolution will be the same like in the case where cloud computing acted as a catalyst for artificial intelligence?

According to IBM, the fusion of cloud computing and artificial intelligence will act as both a source of innovation and a means to accelerate changes. The cloud will help AI by providing the data which it needs to learn and the AI will help cloud by providing more information which can give cloud computing with more data.

The biggest challenge for tech companies is to develop AI solutions which can learn by itself and one of the most successful AI solutions with such ability was built in 2017 where an AI-based system beat the world’s best GO players. This AI system learnt the moves by playing with itself over a long period of time. And during this learning process, it developed several other moves which even the GO players didn’t consider or imagined in their gameplay.

A mix of AI and cloud could give us technological solutions like Google Cloud Machine Learning which combines deep learning with the cloud technology but without the deep learning frameworks.

The bundling of the AI and cloud computing will reduce cybercrimes, make quick and reliable decisions and will also enhance the experience of the customers. Such an amalgamation of two fruitful technologies will help the tech developers to look over the boundless possibilities of the future and bring back the technologies which we only have in our imagination.

If you are a fanatic follower of the technological innovations then you will need to keep an eye on the launches and announcements by companies such as Google and IBM because they are the leaders in the field of AI and cloud.

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